Muscle memories

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I realized something very interesting today. I went for IFG handball tryouts with Elaine today, and when we were trying to do the 3-step travel before you throw the ball, BOTH OF US COULDN’T NOT DO THE JAVELIN 3-STEP RHYTHM. HAHAHAHAHA it’s really funny and also kinda frustrating, but wow I’m very surprised at how deeply imbued that rhythm was.

Anyway HAHAHA I think our chances of making it into the handball team is damn bleak. Dang.

Today I also played badminton with Audrey (+Elaine for a while) and at the same venue, the Fairfield Methodist Primary’s badminton team was having their practice. And suddenly I was hit by an intense nostalgia for training.

It’s not just the physical activity, but the afternoons spent with everyone, and MrLim and playing games and hanging out till 630pm before sidegate closes… πŸ™‚



Driver’s Log

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Since passing my driving test on that very ordinary and uneventful Monday 16 August, I have been driving around when we go out as a family. I think I’m pretty lucky to have rather supportive and proud parents who trust me to drive them er safely and my dad who’s damn sick of driving all of us around so he’s happy to give me his driver’s seat.

A few revelations
(things are very different from a regular passenger to a learner driver, and also from a learner driver to actual driver)
1) PEOPLE ARE ALL SPEEDING!!! EVERYWHERE!! WTH man. Somehow outside of the magical Bukit Gombak/Batok area and without the protection of the sacred L plate, putting the neon I AM A NOOB PLEASE GIVE WAY TO ME triangle makes people NOT give way. And in fact kinda reminds them HEH LET ME HONK THIS NOOB AND OVERTAKE HER. Wah damn sian.
2) A lot of traffic rules are meant to be broken. Classic example – (I’m still slightly indignant) there’s a queue from the traffic light, there’s a yellow box in my lane, in front of the bus stop on my left, and the last car in front of me is just in front of the yellow box. So I stopped nicely behind the yellow box, AND BEHIND ME WAS A BUS. And he promptly started honking at me and for a moment I was grappling with the “NEVER STOP IN YELLOW BOX” rule. But anyway I just moved forward, feeling very nooby and embarrassed, and my whole family was laughing like mad.
3) My family car (a Toyota Altis which is a 3-time accident veteran) is really quite laopok as compared to my instructor’s Toyota Axio + he’s got that cool electronic display for radio/videocam for reversing. It feels more sluggish and the amount of power is also significant lesser.
4) I experience the physical manifestation of F = MA. During lessons, or test, it’s only 2 of us in the car. When there are 4 people in the car, THE INERTIA IS ACTUALLY VERY FORMIDABLE. I was quite shocked when the car took so long to come to a complete stop.
5) The driver has 2 aircon vents to him/herself and 2 vents for all the rest.
6) During my learning period, i’ve never driven at night before so I keep forgetting to switch on/off the headlights now. Hurhur.

Actually I sound pretty unsteady BUT DON’T WORRY I WON’T OFFER YOU RIDES YET. Such a paradox eh – you have to drive more to drive better/safer, but if you’re not supposed to drive if you’re not good/safe. Ah well.

Teaching is not just a job.

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HAHAHA oh man I just spent the past half an hour sitting in the canteen of unity primary watching NDP songs/MVs playing on the tv… It’s kinda nice and nostalgic and I feel like i’ve experienced this NDP-songs-playing-endlessly-during-recess-thing.

Anyway, I’m actually supposed to be down at Marina Square for some YOG training that’s apparently from 1000-2200. And I just called my friend asking about what they’ve done so far and the answer was -(haha should I be surprised?) NOTHING. Whoa wts man. They’ve just been sitting around.chitchatting and waiting out the rain since reporting at 10am.

I am secretly thankful I chose to work instead, and I’m now still being paid to watch NDP MVs HAHAHAHA. We’re waiting for a later period which was scheduled in last minute.

Sigh, this rainy weather is making me feel extremely sleepy and I was yawning nonstop in class just now.

Today we did observations for 2 P5 English classes and oh god I was so horrified by the first. (This explains a few tweets.)

Ok haha incidentally one of the lessons was on facts VS opinions, so yes the following are all opinions, not facts.

Firstly, the teacher speaks damn softly, in an uninterested and can’t-really-be-bothered way. It was raining heavily, I was standing at the back of class and I could hardly hear anything. Haii. So, it was a compo class and the teacher conducted a brief discussion and got them to write a first draft.

She wrote some instructions on the board, and to my horror she actually spelt “…hand in seperately.”

…. speechless. It’s not my place to correct her or whatever, but it’s really horrifying seeing such abomination presented to a class of 30 P5 students.

Then I started reading the students’ work pasted on the “Creative Corner” board at the back of class, and they were all full of mistakes. “I wish for Singapore to be more saffer.” Then something about “coulor”, and “resbonsible”. OMG SERIOUSLY. IT WAS AN OBVIOUS B.


Ok just finished the last lesson. Haha somehow some class were singing Where I Belong in the hall,and we could hear it from the classroom. It’s actually kinda cute and heartwarming to see the kids in my class mouth/softly sing along, though in the middle of compre class. Hahaha! Towards the end of class, they suddenly became very enthusiastic about volunteering their answers… because it was the last lesson and the faster they finish the earlier they all get to go home. HAHAHA great, this act of self-interest actually benefits everyone else and probably makes the teacher feel better that the class is not all comatose.