It’s I, it’s I, it’s I who build community~

In HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!, i think... on April 16, 2010 at 11:37 am

On my way out to the bus stop just now, I overheard this from the primary school beside my house.

A female voice was singing “… roll over the oceans, roll over the seas… Ok so we start from ‘I’ ok?”
Then there was indistinct chatter and the voice on the mic began “It’s I, it’s I, it’s I who build community; it’s I, it’s I, it’s I who build community…” Hahaha that line is repeated 3 times in slightly different tunes, but i dunno how to express it here.


My memory really amazes me at times like this – I have no idea where and how I learnt the song BUT I KNOW I KNOW THIS SONG. OMG.

It’s kinda like some freaky brainwashing thing. But now that I have the cognitive abilities to comprehend what I was singing (i infer I must have learnt that song through a similar primary school setting mass chorus kind of thing) I realize the message of the song is really rather er communist sounding. HAHAHHAHAHA I mean it in the sociological sense where it’s a state of collectivist communism kinda thing.

Which actually, I think it’s not such a bad thing as compared to our current generation of bratty self-centered kids. (case study of my 2 cousins)

Zzz but the best part is how we are taught all these “good values” and “good behaviour” from young but when you grow up you realize the world isnt like that at all. Haha ok some credits to Dayo Wong’s 大镬 show on “路不拾遗” – he talked about how we learn to 路不拾遗, but realize others don’t do the same. It’s because you must 路不拾遗, so that I have something to 拾. HAHAHA makes sense? It’s a sad situation, though.

Anyway I ought to go find out the full lyrics of that community song. I have no idea why rolling over oceans and seas got anything to do with building communities. The imagery I have is more like… imperialism. HAHAHA!

OK LAST DAY OF SCHOOL YAY!!! But the sucky part is my Friday is the longest day of the week. Haii that’s life.


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